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Pro Ball Launcher – Football Delivery Machine

Football launcher for players of all positions, ages and abilities from grass roots up to professional level. Delivers more than 200 size 3, 4 or 5 footballs per hour with adjustable speed, elevation and angle functionalities. Easily assembled within 2 minutes using a compact portable design. Rechargeable battery included.

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The Ball Launcher – The Best Football Delivery Machine On The Market

Additional Information And FAQs

  • Height x Width x Length - 33in x 18.5in x 25in (850mm x 470mm x 630mm)
  • Weight - 42kg

What do I get if I order a Ball Launcher machine?

A fully tested, quality assured and safety certified Ball Launcher football machine consisting of:

  • 1 x Ball Launcher head unit
  • 1 x Ball Launcher frame
  • 1 x removable pull-handle
  • 1 x rechargeable battery pack with charger
  • 1 x ball feed
  • 1 x microfibre towel
  • 1 x detailed instruction manual

Does a battery and charger pack come with my machine?

  • Yes, this will be supplied as standard.

Are there any Add Ons available?

  • Add Ons include additional battery units and micro fibre towels, with further in development.

Can I use Ball Launcher in all weather conditions?

  • Ball Launcher has been effectively designed to resist anything that extreme weather can throw at it in terms of 'no rust' and all electronic components sealed safely. In wet conditions however, it is advisable to use the towel provided to quickly dry the balls before entering into the machine to ensure maximum performance.

How do I know the football delivery machine is safe?

  • The Ball Launcher has been CE certified with all necessary safety considerations implemented. We advise that children do not operate the machine and adult supervision is required whilst the Ball Launcher is in use. We have applied safety stickers and warning notes on the device to advise of the main risks.

Is there a warranty period?

  • A 12 month warranty is provided for mechanical or electrical failure, not including wear and tear.


Bring professionalism and consistently world class deliveries to your training sessions with the Ball Launcher machine. Offering variable ranges of rotation, elevation and speed, the machine Ball football delivery machine replicates a full range of deliveries to develop your players in record time whilst preparing them for match day. Featuring the capacity to deliver over 200 balls per hour, the Ball Launcher football cannnon increases the efficiency of your coaching sessions by providing quality delivery every time.

  • Innovative football delivery machine which can provide chips, crosses, spin, out-swingers, in-swingers, knuckleballs and more
  • Designed to deliver more than 200 balls per hour with a delivery distance of up to 55 yards
  • Taking less than 2 minutes to assemble, the football launcher is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a small family car
  • Adjustable speed of 5-80mph and a Gunner Mechanism for fully adjustable angle functionality
  • Features a rechargeable battery which provides a substantial lifespan of up to 4 hours worth of use

Suitable for use by players of all ages and abilities, the football ball thrower can deliver sizes 3, 4 and 5 footballs without the need for any adjustment. Giving coaches the key to tailored training sessions, the innovative football machine offers a whole range of deliveries used from grass roots to professional level and provides perfect ball deliveries each and every time. Adding this high quality football training equipment to your arsenal will result in a significant increase in your players technique, performance and development.

Lightweight and compact, yet quality in design, the cutting-edge football ball delivery machine can fit in the boot of a small family car with ease for transportation in between training venues. Quick and easy to assemble, the football shooting machine will be set up and ready to go in less than 2 minutes, further increasing the convenience offered to coaches and players.

All positions can benefit from the numerous training drills provided by this football machine, including defenders, outfield players and goalkeepers in individual or team sessions. The automatic ball thrower can help improve the quality of player finishing or ball touch and technique, as well as handling, reflex saves and claiming crosses for keepers. It also provides teams the efficient means to improve on set pieces for both attackers and defenders that are so important in today's game. You may also be a parent who wishes to work with their children allowing them to effortlessly benefit in practice from the very best delivery time and time again.

PLEASE NOTE - The Ball Launcher is made in Britain using the highest grade of quality aluminium profiles, rubbers and plastics.

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