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Lacrosse Goals & Nets

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  1. Sale
    Regulation Size Pop-Up Lacrosse Goal

    FORZA ProFlex Pop-Up Lacrosse Goal (1.8m x 1.8m)

    Special Price SG$354.99

    Regular Price: SG$659.99

  2. Sale
    Lacrosse Goalposts [Regulation]

    Regulation Lacrosse Goal 1.8m x 1.8m

    Special Price SG$409.99

    Regular Price: SG$599.99

  3. Sale
    FIL Official Match Regulation Lacrosse Goals | Net World Sports

    FORZA Professional FIL Lacrosse Goal [1.8m x 1.8m]

    Special Price SG$1,234.99

    Regular Price: SG$1,374.99

  4. Sale
    FORZA Flash Pop-Up Lacrosse Goal [4x4] | Net World Sports

    FORZA Flash Pop-Up Lacrosse Goal [4x4]

    Special Price SG$99.99

    Regular Price: SG$169.99

  5. Sale
    Lacrosse Goal Target Sheet

    FORZA Lacrosse Goal Target Sheet

    Special Price SG$169.99

    Regular Price: SG$229.99

  6. Sale
    3mm & 5mm Replacement Nets For Lacrosse Goals

    Replacement Regulation Size Lacrosse Goal Nets

    Special Price SG$99.99

    Regular Price: SG$229.99

  7. Sale
    Lacrosse Rebound Trainer Goal

    FORZA Lacrosse Rebounder Net

    Special Price SG$549.99

    Regular Price: SG$799.99

  8. Sale
    Large RapidFire Mega Rebounder Net World Sports

    RapidFire Mega Rebounder

    Special Price SG$399.99

    Regular Price: SG$629.99

  9. Sale
    RapidFire Handheld Rebounder | Multi-Sport Training Tool | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Handheld Rebounder

    Special Price SG$129.99

    Regular Price: SG$159.99

  10. Sale
    10m x 1m Ball Stopping System

    Garden Ball Stop Net

    Special Price SG$299.99

    Regular Price: SG$399.99

    Ball Stop Netting Multi Sport | Net World Sports

    48mm Multi Sport Ball Stop Netting [Standard Size]

    Special Price SG$5.99

    Regular Price: SG$11.99

  12. Multibuy! Save Up To 47%
    Net Clips | Sports Net Equipment

    Net Clips

    Special Price SG$11.99

    Regular Price: SG$14.99

  13. Sale
    How To Stop Ball Stop Nets From Billowing

    Anti-Billow Rings [Pack Of 6]

    Special Price SG$54.99

    Regular Price: SG$69.99

  14. Sale
    Elastic Bungee Football Goal Net Ties - 40 Pack

    Elastic Bungee Net Ties - 40 Pack

    Special Price SG$49.99

    Regular Price: SG$69.99

  15. Sale
    Velcro Goal Net Ties

    Velcro Goal Net Ties

    Special Price SG$34.99

    Regular Price: SG$44.99

  16. Sale
    Sports Net Cable Ties

    Cable Ties for Sports Nets

    Special Price SG$5.99

    Regular Price: SG$7.99

  17. Multibuy! Save Up To 50%
    Steel & Plastic Pegs

    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Special Price SG$11.99

    Regular Price: SG$14.99

  18. Multibuy! Save Up To 35%
    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors | Net World Sports

    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

    Special Price SG$19.99

    Regular Price: SG$24.99

  19. Sale
    Multi-Sport Grass Germination Sheet | Net World Sports

    Multi-Sport Grass Germination Sheet

    Special Price SG$159.99

    Regular Price: SG$199.99

  20. Sale
    Stop That Ball Lacrosse Ball Stop Netting | Backstop Nets

    STOP THAT BALL™ [Lacrosse Edition] – Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Special Price SG$314.99

    Regular Price: SG$399.99

  21. Sale
    Stop That Ball System | Net World Sports

    Socketed STOP THAT BALL™ - Ball Stop Net & Posts [12ft High]

    Special Price SG$399.99

    Regular Price: SG$499.99

  22. Sale
    Portable Ball Stop System

    Pop-Up STOP THAT BALL™ - Ball Stop Net & Posts [5x Sizes]

    Special Price SG$79.99

    Regular Price: SG$129.99

  23. Sale
    Titan Net Repair Twine [2mm/4mm Rolls] | Net World Sports

    TITAN Net Repair/Lacing Twine [2mm/4mm Rolls]

    Special Price SG$29.99

    Regular Price: SG$54.99

  24. Sale
    FORZA ProFlex Replacement Goal Nets | Net World Sports

    FORZA ProFlex Replacement Goal Nets

    Special Price SG$64.99

    Regular Price: SG$74.99

  25. Sale
    FORZA Lacrosse Pop-Up Halo Backstop Net

    FORZA Lacrosse Pop-Up Halo Backstop Net

    Special Price SG$409.99

    Regular Price: SG$519.99

Lacrosse Goals & Nets

The range of high quality Lacrosse Goals and Lacrosse Nets from Net World Sports are guaranteed to withstand the powerful shots taken by your attacking players. So, if you are planning on upgrading your current Lacrosse Goals and Nets or buying new goals for your tournament, you have come to the right place.

Lacrosse is a sport that is traditionally played in the United States of America and Canada however team numbers have grown worldwide in the past few years and International Lacrosse has become well established, especially in Europe and Australia.

Our selection of field lacrosse goals and nets all depends on your requirements, you can choose from the Professional Lacrosse Goal or the Backyard Lacrosse Goal. Our Lacrosse goals and nets are suited to both Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse games, each goal measures the regulation size of 6ft x 6ft which makes them perfect for practicing at home, college or Major League Lacrosse level.

The Professional Lacrosse Goals are constructed to meet the impeccable NCAA regulations which makes them perfect for serious lacrosse teams at all levels including schools, colleges and Major League Lacrosse teams. The goal frame is powder coated in the traditional orange colour and measures two inches thick to create a robust and reliable professional Lacrosse goal without the big price tag! As the netting experts, Lacrosse Nets from Net World Sports are of a superior quality. Each goal includes a net as standard which is an impressive 3/16in thick with a 1 5/8in mesh size to stop the ball in its tracks time and time again.

Whilst our Regulation & Backyard Lacrosse Goals are ideal for training sessions and playing Lacrosse on the driveway at home. If you are looking for a practice Lacrosse goal this is the one for you! Manufactured from hard-wearing galvanised steel each of these goal posts are designed to stand up to your toughest players. The included nets are also made to our high standards, with 1/8in thick white twine and the standard 1 5/8in Lacrosse net mesh size. This lacrosse goal offers excellent value for money and would even make a great Lacrosse gift for your little LAX fans.

Our Lacrosse nets are also available to buy separately as spares or replacement Lacrosse goal nets. Designed to fit the 6ft x 6ft size of regulation lacrosse goals, each net includes the lacing twine needed to correctly secure inside a Lacrosse goal.

Grab a bargain and save some money when you buy any of our Lacrosse Goals and Nets as a pair!

Our Lacrosse range also extends to a variety of specialist training equipment which is perfect for Lacrosse training drills at practice sessions.

The Lacrosse goal target sheets are a necessity for lacrosse goalie training in defending shots and offensive practice with Feed Pass drills and Quick Stick shots. They attach to the frame of a regulation size Lacrosse goal using the included elastic bungee ties which are quick and easy to secure in place. A target sheet can be used when practicing alone or during team training sessions.

Rebounder nets are also an essential practice tool for Lacrosse teams. Our range is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to suit all kinds of budgets and different training drills. They are designed to improve the core catching and passing skills as well as agility and reaction time, so whether you are training alone at home or coaching a College Lacrosse team, these rebound nets will come in handy! Choose from double sided and single sided rebound nets in compact 3ft sizes or our tallest 8ft high rebounder.

Couple the rebounder nets and Lacrosse goal target sheets with training hurdles, marker cones and slalom poles from our Lacrosse training equipment range to create the ultimate training set up!

If you are coaching a Field Lacrosse team or practicing at home, you will need one of our Stop That Ball™ backstop nets. These easy to assemble Lacrosse nets help to keep your practice sessions under control and prevent any stray lacrosse balls from damaging the surroundings or interfering with other sports matches. Position the backstop net and post system between other sports pitches or behind the Lacrosse goal for optimum results – it can even be used on multi-sport pitches to stop a variety of sports balls.

Our Lacrosse goal range also includes a range of essential accessories to accompany your goals and nets. Net clips, Velcro goal net ties and elastic net ties will all hold your net in place on the goal frame, these are ideal for extra support during games or practice sessions and can be used on a range of sports nets, not just Lacrosse. Whilst goal anchors and net pegs will secure your Lacrosse goal or Lacrosse nets to the ground and prevent them from moving during matches and training.  

As the netting experts we also stock a range of ball stop and back stop nets for Lacrosse. So, if you currently own a sports perimeter fence at your ground and are looking for replacement backstop netting, or if you need to protect surrounding building and spectators with some new boundary nets, we stock a range of custom sized ball stop netting.

This can be used to stop Lacrosse balls, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, baseballs, tennis balls and many more. Many of our customers include sports clubs, schools, colleges, universities, activity centres and parks.

Our lacrosse goals and nets are manufactured to official international lacrosse standards, making them ideal for schools, colleges and professional teams during tournaments or training. So whether you are leading a tough training session or hosting a tournament our 6ft x 6ft lacrosse goals will stand up to the challenge. Our heavy duty 5mm replacement nets ensure your goal keeps going for years thanks to its reinforced edges and premium quality twine. Our lacrosse equipment is so good it meets NCAA standards.

We can offer super fast delivery on all Lacrosse Goals and Lacrosse nets as all of this Lacrosse Equipment is stocked at our Net World Sports warehouse! You could be practicing and playing as early as tomorrow depending on your location. We offer our customers a variety of fast delivery options to ensure they spend less time waiting and more time playing!