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Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)

Dual sided fitness gliders are perfect for gym & home use for a full body workout. Constructed on one side from a hard ABS plastic for use on soft floors & on the other from EVA foam for use on hard floors. Supplied as a pack of 2 gliders.

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Dual Sided Fitness Gliders Perfect To Target Your Core Muscles

Dual-Sided Fitness Glider Specifications


  • Glider Diameter: 18cm | 7 in


  • Hard side is manufactured from ABS plastic 
  • Soft side is manufactured from EVA foam


  • Features Net World Sports logo
  • Perfect to target core muscles & for a full body workout
  • Two fitness gliders will be supplied
  • Colour: Black & blue
High-Quality Dual Sided Fitness Sliders – Perfect For A Full Body Workout

Fitness gliders are an effective workout tool, perfect for all athletes at every level of training. Regardless the surface, the dual sided construction ensure you will smoothly slide across the floor. One side is constructed from ABS plastic which can be used for soft flooring such as carpet & the other is made from EVA foam perfect for use on harder surfaces such as gym & wooden floors. Workout sliders can be used to target a variety of muscle groups depending on the movement by the user. Perfect to use for lunges, core exercises, hamstring curls & many more for a full body workout.

  • Perfect exercise tool for a challenging workout to build strength & stability
  • Complete with a dual-sided design to be used on both hard & soft surfaces
  • Use to improve agility & for abdominal conditioning – Perfect for all abilities
  • Lightweight design ensures the gliders can be easily transported & stored
  • Pack of two dual-sided fitness sliders for both gym & home workouts

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