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Sports Pitch Line Marker Equipment

Nobody understands the importance of top of the range line marking equipment more than us here at Net World Sports! We have a variety of machines to suit your line marking needs, at a range of affordable prices. From powerful line marking trikes to essential setting out kitbags, we stock quality products guaranteed to tick the right boxes. Whatever sporting arena you want to mark out, whether its football pitches, tennis courts or baseball fields, you’re sure to find your perfect line marking machine and line marking equipment.

First up is our affordable Wembley Wheel Transfer Line Marker. Constructed from tough welded steel, this machine stands up to the job season after season. It boasts a huge 15 litre capacity for line marking paint, so you don’t need to worry about running out halfway round the pitch. The unique brush system means you can reduce or increase the amount of paint to apply to the marking wheel, which minimises waste. The wheels of the line marker are designed to ensure a smooth journey to help create perfectly straight lines, even over the roughest surface. The Wembley Line Marker has adjustable handles and rubber grips to increase comfort and usability. Get your pitch fit for the New Zealand Football Championship with this top of the range line marker!

Our sturdy Wheel Transfer Line Marking Machine is a great addition to any sports club, as it is guaranteed to deliver high class results. The foam ringed steel wheel makes sure that your line markings are nothing but straight and clear the whole way around the pitch. It’s easy to use quality makes this line marking machine an easy choice, it’s sure to be a hit with your groundsman! Reward your sports ground with clear and concise pitch markings, every time!

For a machine worthy of Twickenham, look no further than the Atom Electric Spray Line Marking Machine! Ingeniously low in volume, this line marker machine is perfect for creating accurate and consistent line markings. Operating the multi-sport machine is quick and easy, and did we mention the self-contained cleaning system? The Atom makes easy work of any line marking job, big or small!

Now let us introduce the mighty, ride-on Motorised Line Marking Trike! The most efficient way to clearly display the key areas of your sports pitch, with crisp and precise line markings. The Honda engine reaches impressive speeds of 18mph and is up to 4 times faster than conventional line marking techniques, so you can complete your line marking job in no time! This amazing line marking trike is available with a chemical boom and a spare pail carrier, so you can personalise your order to suit your needs.

The most affordable line marker in our extensive range, is our fantastic Aerosol Line Marker! It’s incredibly simple to use, proving an all-round winner with groundsmen! Our spray line marker quickly and efficiently marks out lines on a variety of surfaces. So whether you’re marking on football pitches, tennis courts or even car parks, create a striking outcome with highly defined lines.

All groundsmen know how vital clear pitch lines are to both players and referees, so quality paint is essential. Our Aerosol Line Marking Paint is ideal for high visibility lines, meaning those on and off the pitch can see exactly where the boundaries are. This line marking spray paint produces bold and crisp lines with an ultra-long lifespan. Each can marks up to 50m of surface area, and is available in 7 awesome colours! Choose from black, blue, green, orange, red, yellow or the classic white.

If your pitch requires only the brightest white line markings, then look no further! Our 10 Litre Line Marking Paint Concentrate is formulated to have ultra-high visibility, so whether you’re in the middle of the action on the pitch, or cheering away from the side-lines, your bold pitch markings will stand out. This line marking paint is highly resistant against the elements, meaning it won’t fade in the sunshine, and will keep its colour in the rain. This stadium pitch grade line marking paint is super long lasting, which will lessen the need for it to be freshened up as often.

We also stock line marking paint in a range of vibrant colours to add a pop of eye-catching colour to your pitch. You can rep your team colours right down to the pitch markings, as our Coloured 10L Line Marking Paint Concentrate is available in blue, red and yellow! This colourful paint is ideal for marking out a variety of sports lines on the same court, which is perfect for sports clubs or leisure centres with multi-sport pitches. Our long-lasting line marking paint can hold up against all the weather conditions, remaining bold and bright all season. This coloured line marking paint can be used in all spray marking and transfer wheel machines, and to make line marking easier, it has been designed to easily pour into your machine. No more mess or wastage!

When the time comes to measure your sports pitch, allow our Metric Measuring Wheel to be of assistance. It’s ingenious extendable handle is fantastic for personalising the height of your measuring wheel, making it comfortable for whoever is using it. Get on a roll and track distances up to a huge 99,999m! The superb metric dial has an easy to read display, so you can check your distance while you measure. The dial also incorporates a reset lever, so you can instantly return the numbers to zero once the job is complete. The lightweight nature of the wheel makes measuring your pitch a walk in the park!

Always be one step ahead of the game thanks to our revolutionary PliFix© Grass Marking Carrot Tufts! With these handy ground carrots, you can mark out your pitch lines with a set of highly visible tufts, which remain in the ground to highlight the pitch layout ready for new line markings. They come in a pack of 25 and are available in a range of stand out colours, so you can take your pick from blue, red, yellow or white tufts. Each synthetic grass implant is UV stabilised to ensure their majestic colours remain bright and eye-catching.

Is your pitch a blank canvas just waiting for line markings? Then start out the right way with our Setting Out Kitbag – For Sports Pitches! It includes everything you need to begin setting out accurate and professional pitch markings, to ensure your lines meet the requirements. The kit includes a durable hand winder, which is designed to sit comfortably in your hand when you’re marking out pitch lines. The hand winder comes complete with 400m of steel corded nylon line, which is manufactured to prevent the reel from stretching or breaking when you’re stringing out your pitch. Our handy kit also contains 10 ultra-tough, passivated steel pegs to marking out measurements and hold the nylon line securely during line marking. Each peg has a double prong feature to ensure stability; the wind won’t bother these sturdy steel pegs! Also included in the bag are 4 PVC right angles, essential for getting those perfectly sharp corners. Each triangle has an integrated brass eyelet for securing down to the pitch before line marking. All of these handy tools come in one convenient carry bag, so you can grab all the necessities in one swift motion!

You can find everything you need to efficiently line mark your sports pitch, with our huge range of amazing line marking equipment! Give your pitch the 5-star treatment, with top quality line marking machines and line marking accessories!

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