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Batting Cage Nets

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  1. Same Day Dispatch
    2mm Knotted HDPE Twine Netting For Baseball | Net World Sports

    Baseball Netting - Premium Quality [Standard Size]

    Special Price SG$7.99

    Regular Price: SG$14.99

  2. Same Day Dispatch
    Strong Baseball Net Screens

    Baseball Netting Panels [Fully Edged]

    Special Price SG$44.99

    Regular Price: SG$54.99

  3. Sale
    Batting Cage Nets For Baseball Practice

    Baseball Batting Cage Nets [All Sizes]

    Special Price SG$299.99

    Regular Price: SG$399.99

  4. Sale
    12.2m Two Piece Baseball Cage Netting

    FORTRESS 12.2m Baseball Batting Cage Net [2 Piece Cage]

    Special Price SG$899.99

    Regular Price: SG$1,129.99

  5. Sale
    FORTRESS 55ft (16.8m) Batting Cages [2 piece cage]

    FORTRESS 16.8m Baseball Batting Cage Nets [2 Piece Cage]

    Special Price SG$1,024.99

    Regular Price: SG$1,299.99

  6. Sale
    FORTRESS Two-Piece Baseball Batting Cage Net

    FORTRESS 18.3m Baseball Batting Cage Nets [2 Piece Cage]

    Special Price SG$1,154.99

    Regular Price: SG$1,449.99

  7. Sale
    Replacement Net for Mobile Batting Cage | Net World Sports

    Replacement Mobile Batting Cage Nets [24/36ft] - Cricket/Baseball

    Special Price SG$799.99

    Regular Price: SG$1,099.99

  8. Sale
    Batting Cage Door For Cricket

    FORTRESS Batting Cage Door

    Special Price SG$499.99

    Regular Price: SG$629.99

  9. Sale
    FORTRESS Fixed Concertina Net Cage [Cricket/Baseball]

    FORTRESS Fixed Concertina Net Cage [Cricket/Baseball]

    Special Price SG$5,499.99

    Regular Price: SG$6,324.99

  10. Sale
    10ft x 10ft x 10ft Net Insert for Baseball Batting Cages

    10 x 10 x 10 Golf Net Insert For Batting Cages [Ultra Heavy Duty]

    Special Price SG$329.99

    Regular Price: SG$414.99

  11. Sale
    Vinyl Net Saver | Net World Sports

    Baseball Vinyl Net Saver With Target

    Special Price SG$349.99

    Regular Price: SG$434.99

  12. Sale
    Baseball Privacy Screen

    Baseball Batter's Eye Screen

    Special Price SG$269.99

    Regular Price: SG$339.99

  13. Sale
    Archery Backstop Nets

    Net Savers For Baseball Batting Cages

    Special Price SG$229.99

    Regular Price: SG$269.99

  14. Sale
    FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Net & Connectors]

    FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Net & Connectors]

    Special Price SG$1,299.99

    Regular Price: SG$1,549.99

  15. Sale
    Trapezoid Batting Cage Connector Kit | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS Trapezoid Batting Cage Connector Kit

    Special Price SG$229.99

    Regular Price: SG$289.99

  16. Sale
    FORTRESS Ultimate Poles | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS Ultimate Poles

    Special Price SG$464.99

    Regular Price: SG$599.99

  17. Sale
    Netting Wire Tension Kit [For 35ft-70ft Batting Cages]

    FORTRESS TITAN Wire Tension Kit for Batting Cages

    Special Price SG$199.99

    Regular Price: SG$239.99

  18. Multibuy! Save Up To 50%
    Steel & Plastic Pegs

    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Special Price SG$11.99

    Regular Price: SG$14.99

  19. Sale
    Baseball & Softball Batting Practice Tee For The Training Field | Net World Sports

    Baseball Batting Tee

    Special Price SG$92.99

    Regular Price: SG$179.99

  20. Sale
    FORTRESS Baseball Batting Tee | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS Pro Baseball Batting Tee

    Special Price SG$139.99

    Regular Price: SG$269.99

  21. Sale
    Wire & Rigging Assembly Components For Hanging Netting

    Wire & Rigging Assembly Components For Hanging Netting

    Special Price SG$19.99

    Regular Price: SG$24.99

  22. Sale
    Titan Net Repair Twine [2mm/4mm Rolls] | Net World Sports

    TITAN Net Repair/Lacing Twine [2mm/4mm Rolls]

    Special Price SG$29.99

    Regular Price: SG$54.99

  23. Sale
    TITAN Fibres Multi-Purpose Tension Kit | Net World Sports

    TITAN Fibres Multi-Purpose Tension Cable Kit

    Special Price SG$34.99

    Regular Price: SG$79.99

  24. Sale
    TITAN Cutting & Swage Crimping Tool [24in] | Net World Sports

    TITAN Cutting & Swage Crimping Tool [24in]

    Special Price SG$99.99

    Regular Price: SG$229.99

  25. Sale
    ProFlex STOP THAT BALL™ - Football, Cricket, Golf Net [10ft High]

    ProFlex STOP THAT BALL™ - Football, Cricket, Golf Net [10ft High]

    Special Price SG$399.99

    Regular Price: SG$499.99

The best quality baseball cage netting suitable for every occasion - don't miss out on our FORTRESS netting range, guaranted to take you to the MLB.

At Net World Sports we understand how much practice in the cage can help you reach the top of your hitting game. We have developed an exceptional Baseball Batting Cage Net range, guaranteed to either replace your current cage net or help you build your own baseball cage. We stock a variety of options and sizes in our netting range as we look to supply something for every aspiring baseball slugger.

Our range of FORTRESS Batting Cage Nets come in a vast amount of sizes, ensuring that we have every type of FORTRESS Batting Cage covered. Beginning with our range of one-piece FORTRESS batting cage nets, with sizes varying from our Mini Batting Cage Replacement Nets starting at 8ft x 8ft x 8ft – all the way to our largest size of 70ft x 14ft x 12ft. The FORTRESS replacement nets are available in three different grades; #36, #42 and #62, offering a variety of options when it comes to choosing your new net. The entire FORTRESS replacement net range includes built in tie cords and additional central roof salvage, whilst the vertical and horizontal edges are all manufactured with heavy-duty overlock edging for unrivalled reliability. The strong black netting is also UV stabilized and rot proof, making it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors since it cannot be damaged by sunlight. Also, the FORTRESS netting is made from knotted twine to ensure it can withstand those powerful hits during your hitting practice, as you improve your slugging percentage on the journey to the MLB. Net World Sports are so confident in the FORTRESS replacement netting range that we offer an incredible five-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers defects in material or workmanship across the entire FORTRESS netting range. Meanwhile, our two-piece FORTRESS Baseball Netting replacement nets are ideal for those who are creating their own DIY baseball cage. All two-piece nets are delivered with one net for the complete perimeter, whilst the other net is for the roof – meaning you can customize the net to tailor it to your requirements. Our two-piece nets start at 40ft x 10ft x 10ft – reaching the full height of 60ft x 14ft x 12ft – offering an excellent range of two-piece cage nets. The FORTRESS replacement nets all come with the same specifications as our one-piece net, with black knotted twine and UV stabilized netting for the best quality batting cage netting. If our pre-cut replacement netting does not meet your requirements, then we also offer custom made batting enclosure netting manufactured to meet your demands – with custom lengths, widths, heights and choice of net grade all available. To discuss your custom netting, you will need to phone the expert team at Net World Sports to confirm your requirements and order.

Moving on to our range of Baseball Net Screens – manufactured for both indoor and outdoor baseball facilities, our Net Screens are fully edged and are a heavy #42 netting grade meaning it can easily take the strain of those fast baseball pitches and heavy hitting. The Baseball Net Panels come in a range of sizes to meet your demands, starting from 5ft x 5ft going up to 14ft x 14ft. Our Heavy-Duty Net Screens can be used as backstop netting or even as an extra net for your baseball cage, the Net Panels are extremely adaptable for any situation you require. We also supply a 10ft x 10ft x 10ft Net Insert for Batting Cages to ensure that every type of cage has a replacement netting solution. The Net Insert is made from 1.8mm knotless twine and is specifically made to withstand the force of baseball hitting practice.

Also in our Batting Cage range is a variety of Net Savers and Eye Screens, designed to help you keep your cage nets in the best possible condition. Starting with our Baseball Vinyl Net Saver with a Strike Zone Included – helping you to keep your nets in top shape while practicing with the strike zone included. A helping visual aid, the strike zone net saver is made from highly-durable 1400gsm vinyl and is perfect for saving your nets from wear and tear whenever the batter misses the ball. Standing at 6ft high and 5ft wide, the vinyl net saver covers a large range of your netting and is incredibly strong due to its reinforced edges. The net saver should never slip out of place as the 18 brass grommets ensure it remains securely in place during every hitting session. Our alternative net saver is equally as strong, coming in a striking green or classic white colourway, the net saver comes in a range of different sizes from 6ft x 6ft up to 10ft x 30ft. The net saver is made from the highest grade of mesh polyester and have a reinforced hem on all four sides for unmatched durability. Easily hung on a tensioned wire rope or between poles, the net saver is the perfect way to protect your cages net and framework – meaning you can practice pitching and hitting for hours on end.

Finally, in our range is the Baseball Batter’s Eye Screen, perfect for increased visibility and privacy during hitting practice – the Batter’s Screen is made from HDPE tape with a PVC banding. The Baseball Batter’s Eye Screen is available in both black and green helping to improve batter’s hitting practice sessions. The Eye Screen is available in two different sizes, 40ft x 6ft and 60ft x 6ft with the option of including the Net World Sports logo or without – offering excellent visibility for your hitters.

In support of our netting range is our accessories range, with a Netting Wire Tension Kit and Black Polypropylene Rope available, we have a range of net hanging equipment for every net available. Our Netting Wire Tension Kit is the perfect equipment for hanging any sports netting, coming in three different sizing options; 35ft, 55ft and 70ft – ensuring we cater for every FORTRESS net we supply. Our black Polypropylene Rope is ideal for securing netting and is supplied in a 721ft coil. The Polypropylene Rope is 100% rot and shrink proof, whilst also being UV treated to ensure it is the perfect partner for your netting.

Here at Net World Sports we want to supply the best quality baseball cage netting for every budding MLB star. Practicing your hitting is the only way to improve and having the best baseball cage available is the ideal way to train – with these replacement nets and net savers we can prolong the life of your FORTRESS cage netting and ensure you get into the rhythm of hitting home runs. Don’t miss out on our exciting Baseball FORTRESS range as it continues to grow and expand as we enter 2018 where we continue our journey with you to the top of the league.