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Shortly before their UEFA EURO 2024 campaign began, Scottish FA announced the partnership with FORZA, the football sub-brand of Net World Sports. This partnership has been formalised into a two-year agreement, with the FORZA becoming the organisations Goal Post and Equipment Provider.

Conversations between both parties began through a mutual connection during the launch of Kit Shed, an event aiming to connect Kit Managers from across the world. The mutual connection, Pat Frost (England Kit Manager and owner of a logistics company), was actively involved in bringing Kit Shed to life, and first mentioned Kit Shed and FORZA to David Gibson, Scotland's Kit Manager, when discussing Scotland's logisitcal needs ahead of their UEFA EURO 2024 campaign. Sold on the idea of the event, David was keen to get involved, and joined the event as a key speaker, sharing his knowledge on the logisitcal demands and preperations of an international tournament. This led to a productive conversation between both parties about Scotland's equipment requirements for the EUROs.

FORZA is committed to providing high-quality football equipment that meets the rigorous demands of both training and competitive play. This partnership will see the Scotland National Teams' top talent put through their paces using a range of training equipment, including Airflow Mannequins, Hurdles, Target Goals, Slalom Poles, and much more.

Our commitment to quality and performance aligns perfectly with the Scottish FA's mission to foster and develop football talent across the country. By equipping teams with the best possible tools, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of Scottish football on both national and international stages. We will also be supplying both men's and women's leagues in Scotland with exclusive equipment vouchers and discounts, to help ensure all clubs have access to the necesssary resources.

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is our involvement with the Scottish men's national team during their EUROs campaign. As the team competes at the highest level, FORZA equipment will play a crucial role in their training regimen. From precision-engineered training gear to robust and reliable goals, our products are designed to enhance performance and ensure that the team is match-ready.

In addition to supplying equipment across the FA, our FORZA Stadium Box Goals will take pride of place at Scotland's iconic National Stadium, Hampden Park. Known for its rich history and passionate fans, Hampden Park is a symbol of Scottish football heritage. Our Stadium Box Goals, renowned for their durability and design, will now be a central feature at this legendary venue.

By providing Hampden Park with our premium goals, we are ensuring that every match played there meets the highest standards of quality. Whether it's a crucial international fixture or a thrilling domestic cup finals, our goals with stand as testament to the partnership between FORZA and the Scottish FA.

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey for both FORZA and the Scottish FA. Together, we are dedicated to enhancing the football experience for players, coaches, and fans alike. As we move forward, we will continue to innovate and provide the best equipment to support the growth and success of Scottish football.


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