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GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Rebounder Net

Suited to both GAA sports, the Gaelic Football & Hurling Net is composed of a galvanised steel frame, along with a high-quality mesh rebound surface. The 8ft rebounder net is the ideal training aid for those of all skill-levels looking to take their performance to the next level.

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  • Dimensions: 4ft high x 3ft wide rebound surface, 8ft overall height.


  • Galvanised steel frame with adjustable rebound angle.
  • Mesh rebound surface with tension springs.
  • Rubber points on base ensure stability on any surface.


  • Improves throwing and catching accuracy.
  • Weight: 62lbs (28kg).

The GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Net is the ultimate training companion, to refine your kicking, throwing and catching skills. The rebounder net features a highly durable galvanised steel frame and a taut mesh rebound surface. Suited to Gaelic and Hurling players of all positions who are looking to develop their gameplay techniques . Its sturdy steel frame has been expertly designed to be resistant, withstanding regular and year-round use. The frame itself is also foldable, allowing it to be transported with ease. Providing gameplay scenarios, the rebounder is a great tool for providing players with unpredictable and challenging training drills. The rubber points enhance the stability of the frame, meaning that you can shoot your most powerful shot without the risk of damage. Invest in your passion, sharpen your skills and unleash your potential with the GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling rebounder.

  • With its strong galvanised steel frame and tensioned mesh netting, it can provide real-time gameplay simulations
  • To achieve the best bounce, the high-quality rebound surface is loaded with tension springs. Enhancing training sessions, allowing you to master the sport
  • The adaptive design allows you to outclass your game performance. Players can enhance their high and low catching skills, as well as throw with precision
  • Composed of premium materials, it has been created to withstand continuing usage, allowing for growth of the player for years to come
  • Due to the specifically designed rubber base points, the training tool can be used upon multiple surfaces, making it ideal to train in many environments
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