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Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine

An excellent choice for beginners, the Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine features ball speeds of up to 40mph, with an adjustable tripod to alter ball trajectory. 24-ball auto-feeder included. Machine is Mains Powered.

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Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine Specifications


  • Mains Powered ONLY
  • UK mains powered (220-240v) with a 3 pin plug
  • Step up/down voltage converted may be required for countries outside the UK


  • Speed Range: 20mph-40mph | 32kph-64kph
  • Ball Feed Rate: 8-10 seconds
  • Adjustable Tripod: Allows coaches to alter ball height & trajectory
  • Extended ball feeder (24 tennis balls) included
  • Features a maintenance-free drive wheel


  • Weight: 8kg | 17.6lbs
  • Machine is compatible with regular sized tennis balls
  • Warranty: 2 Years
Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine – The Ultimate Training Partner

The Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine is an excellent choice of training partner for players beginning their tennis journey. Simple to assemble, dismantle and store, this tennis ball machine is a must-have for tennis coaches as it allows you to send the ball to the same area of the tennis court every time. Best suited to regular sized tennis balls, this tennis ball machine comes with an extendable feeder, which allows you to automatically feed up to 24 tennis balls at any one time – ideal for repetitive groundstroke practice.

  • Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine – Ideal for beginner tennis players
  • Variable speed range: 20-40mph
  • Ball delay of approximately 8-10 seconds between feeds
  • Adjustable tripod allows coaches to alter trajectory of tennis ball
  • Comes with an extendable 24-ball auto-feeder included
  • Compatible with all regular-sized tennis balls

The innovatively designed Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine comes with many features that will help your players progress to the next level. Starting with the feed speed, this ball machine offers a variety of settings ranging between 20-40mph, allowing the user to adjust the difficulty with ease. Featuring a ball feeding delay of approximately 8-10 seconds, the machine gives players plenty of time to recover and prepare in between shots, giving them a greater chance of development. The Baseliner also features an adjustable tripod which allows users to affect ball height & trajectory for a variety of different shots.

PLEASE NOTE: The Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine is UK mains powered (220-240v) and features a standard UK 3 pin plug. For countries outside the UK, a step up/down voltage converter may be required to correctly run the machine on your local mains supply.

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