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Vermont Fence Mounted Tennis Scoreboard [3 Sizes]

Lightweight & portable Vermont Fence Mounted Tennis Scoreboard. Manufactured from UV stabilised materials. Waterproof, the scoreboards feature an anti-rust hook for easy mounting. Available in three sizes with three colour options.

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Match Pointer Tennis Scoreboard Specifications

Sizes Available:

  • Small: 14in x 20in | 35cm x 50cm
  • Medium: 18in x 26in | 46cm x 65cm
  • Large: 22in x 31in | 56cm x 80cm
  • Colours: Green, Blue & Black


  • Scoreboards feature UV stabilised plastic to prevent numbers from fading over time
  • Eyelets: corrosion-resistant metal
  • Hanging Hook: anti-rust metal


  • Colours - green, blue & black
  • Scoreboard is double sided
  • Features high-visibility number discs
  • Can score up to 3 sets
  • 100% weatherproof – suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Vermont Tennis Scoreboard is lightweight, fully portable & easy to assemble
Professional Quality Match Pointer Tennis Scoreboard

Maintaining the score holds significant importance within any tennis match, and with the addition of the Vermont Fence Mounted Tennis Scoreboard to your tennis court, this task becomes remarkably straightforward. The innovatively crafted Vermont scoring device showcases sizable score discs, visible from a distance, to provide onlookers with a clear score display. Lightweight and conveniently portable, these scoreboards are available in three sizes and three colours. Sizes are Small, Medium and Large with colours being Green, Blue or Black. The design facilitates easy score adjustments during end changes. Constructed using UV treated materials, these scoreboards have been purposefully engineered to sustain exceptional visibility over an extended duration. Applicable for both indoor and outdoor settings, the scoreboards are equipped with four brass eyelets resistant to corrosion, along with an anti-rust metal hook, streamlining the process of securing them to tennis nets and fences. These remarkable tennis scoreboards enable players to monitor the progress of up to 3 sets, making them perfectly suited to oversee intense battles on the tennis court.

  • Match Pointer Fence Mounted Tennis Scoreboard – 3 Sizes Available
  • UV stabilised materials to prevent scoreboard from fading over time
  • Features an anti-rust metal hook for easy hanging & security
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use – Lightweight & portable
  • Suitable for schools, leisure centres, tennis clubs & more