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Tennis Twist (Battery Powered)

Designed for beginners, the Tennis Twist’s compact size and simplicity makes it the perfect first ball machine for your child/student.

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Ball Capacity

  • 28 Balls

Ball Ejection Speed / Arc

  • 10 - 20 foot launch

Ball Feed Rate

  • 5 Seconds

Playing Time

  • Est. 5 - 10 Hours 

Weight (w/ Batteries)

  • 11 lbs / 5kg

Batteries Required

  • 6 x 'D' batteries (not included)
Tennis Twist - The Best Kids Tennis Ball Machine

Tailor-made for young beginners who are starting to make their first strokes in the world of tennis.

Fun, compact, and easy to operate, it's undoubtedly the perfect first tennis ball machine for kids!

It's capable of of storing & launching 28 tennis balls within its unique spiral design, shooting balls every 5 seconds at the flick of a switch.

The consistent short arc-toss of the Tennis Twist ensures that kids will strike more balls than they would if parents or coaches were throwing balls over the net.

Practice & play up to a whopping 10 hours with the use of 6 x D batteries, be it in the park, on court, or at home thanks to the incredible portability of the Tennis Twist's ultra lightweight exterior; aided by the economical, convenient built-in carry handle. 

The perfect first tennis training accessory for your future Grand Slam Champions!

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