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Ground Spike Plastic Post & Chain [5x Colours]

Ground Spike Plastic Post & Chain set for use on soft grounds. Includes 4x spike in grass posts & 1x 5m chain. Available in 5x colour variations. Chains are 6mm or 8mm. Perfect for channelising crowds or cordoning off hazardous areas.

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Ground Spike Plastic Post & Chain Specifications


Plastic Posts

  • Post Length: 92cm
  • Post Diameter: 50mm
  • Post Thickness: 2mm
  • Spike Length: 12cm

6mm Chain

  • Internal Length: 26mm
  • External Length: 35mm
  • Internal Width: 8mm
  • External Width: 20mm
  • Link Thickness: 6mm

8mm Chain

  • Internal Length – 37mm
  • External Length – 50mm
  • Internal Width – 9mm
  • External Width – 25mm
  • Link Thickness – 8mm


  • Posts manufactured from extra heavy-duty 2mm PVC tubing
  • Chains made from ultra-durable PE plastic materials


  • Set includes 4x freestanding posts & 1x 5m chain
  • Extend the length of chain by simply increasing the order quantity
  • Connect lengths of chain together using chain connectors found here
  • Suitable for use indoors & outdoors all year round
  • We recommend 1 post every 1.8m of chain for optimal performance
Ground Spike Plastic Post & Chain system for softer terrain & grounds

Ideal for a variety of settings such as sports fields, sports grounds, festivals or in agriculture, this elite chain barrier set consists of 4x plastic posts & 5m chain. The posts are constructed from sturdy 2mm PVC tubing with a 50mm diameter, ensuring excellent durability with a premium & durable 8mm diameter ground spike measuring 12cm in length. The chains are crafted from ultra-durable PE plastic, offering exceptional strength and stability. To achieve optimal performance, we recommend using one post for every 1.8m of chain. Ground spike can be easily pushed into soft grounds with no other anchoring equipment needed. Each post features a premium top cap, equipped with two durable connecting hooks that securely fasten the plastic chain in the desired direction you choose. Available in 5x variations, consisting of red & white posts with red & white chain, black & yellow posts with black & yellow chain, white posts with white chain, white posts with red chain.

  • Ground Spike Plastic Post & Chain – Chain barrier for use on soft grounds
  • Complete set includes plastic posts with ground spikes & plastic chain
  • Chains made from ultra-durable PE plastic to provide maximum strength & stability
  • Posts are manufactured from durable 2mm PVC tubing with a diameter of 50mm
  • Suited for sports pitches, sports grounds, festivals or in agriculture