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Tennis Court Modular Floor Tiles System (ITF Certified)

An ITF certified interlocking tennis court tile system. A UV treated and anti-slip surface with water drainage and air circulation properties. Available with an optional shock absorption system. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • Tennis court dimensions are completely customisable


  • All tiles are UV stablised and weatherproof


  • Available in a range of colours with logo printing
  • Custom court lines can also be added
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Optional high-quality shock absorption system
  • Tiles utilise an anti-slip design
  • Filters air and water 
  • Must be installed on a flat surface
  • Installation instructions supplied on delivery
A Premium And Robust Tennis Court Tile System

Easily construct a tailor-made ITF recognised tennis court with the Modular Floor Tile System. Available in custom sizes and colours, this expertly designed interlocking tiled floor will allow you to successfully transform your tennis court. Due to its bespoke nature, this modular floor can be created with various specialist features. So, if you require logo branding or varying permanent court lines, this versatile tile system can be personally designed to suit your specifications. Manufactured to effectively enhance the performance of your players, this is a necessary piece of equipment that can assist in developing skills and techniques in any weather condition.

Created with UV stabilisers that will provide increased longevity to the surface of your court and a dual ventilation and drainage system, these tiles negate the need for routine tennis court repair. While traditional courts require high levels of attention to ensure that players receive a pristine playing surface, the modular court tiles can actively self-regulate their temperature by allowing air to fully circulate around the system. Additionally, with its water drainage capabilities, your players will be able to quickly return to a filtered and safe court.

  • Additional shock absorption system also available
  • Full installation instructions supplied upon delivery
  • Manufactured from weatherproof and UV treated materials
  • Available in range of colour variations to compliment your teams existing colours
  • A completely bespoke court with a range of additional features like logo branding and added court lines
  • Modular court flooring needs to be correctly positioned on level and hard surface to prevent tile migration. It is ideally installed onto concrete or asphalt
  • Low maintenance modular court tiles that have water drainage and air ventilation capabilities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features an interlocking system for quickly and simple instillation

Each modular tile system has been equipped with anti-slip technology that minimises the likelihood of player injury. The entire surface of these robust tiles provides unmatched safety and a realistic ball bounce to ensure that each player receives an authentic playing experience. Available with an optional shock absorption system that can further safeguard your players, the modular tiles are ideal for leisure centres and professional facilities.

For the best results, install these cost-effective tiles on flat and hard ground to guarantee that your athletes receive an even playing surface. For further guidance, a full instruction manual is supplied upon delivery.

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