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Setting Out Kitbag – For Line Marking Pitches

Setting Out Kitbag – For Line Marking Pitches

  • Setting Out Kitbag - Line Marking For Sports Pitches
  • Setting Out Kitbag - Line Marking For Sports Pitches
Setting out kitbag for accurately painting grass sports pitches. Composed of a 400m steel coated nylon line, ten “D” handled steel pegs, four PVC tape right angles and one lightweight storage bag.

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Premium Line Marking Kit With 400m Steel Coated Guide Cable

Carry everything you need to accurately mark out sports pitches of all shapes and sizes with the setting out kitbag. Comprised of high-quality steel pegs, corner markers and a coated nylon wire, all of which is stored in the lightweight carry bag. This kit is guaranteed to take the accuracy of your line marking skills to the next level and is perfect for use in all weather conditions.

  • 400m (1300ft) steel corded nylon line and hand winder for fast retrieval.
  • Ten passivated steel marking pegs with “D” shaped handles.
  • Dual pronged pegs for easy ground insertion.
  • Four PVC right angles with brass eyelets.
  • All kept inside the ultra-durable, easy clean storage bag.

The kit’s incredibly long 400m (1300ft) nylon wire allows you to mark out full size football and rugby pitches, as well as tennis courts during a single walk around the playing area. Designed with efficiency in mind, the marking wire wraps around the plastic hand winder, which can quickly retrieve the extremely long cable after use. To keep the guideline taut at all times and provide you with a clear straight line to follow, it is reinforced with steel wire which also adds strength and durability to the cable.

Lacing the nylon wire through the ten steel marking pegs further strengthens the guidewire and elevates it from the ground making it considerably easier to follow. The steel pegs double pronged construction ensures not only are they easy to place into the ground, but will also stay there for as a long as they are needed. Each peg features a “D” shaped handle which means the pegs are just as easy to remove, as they are to insert.    

Sharp pitch corners will no longer be an issue for you with the use of the four right angles supplied. The pieces can be pinned to the ground through the strong brass eyelets, combined with the PVC coating you are free to use the corner markers during heavy wind and rainfall, without the fear of them being blown away or deterorating.

The entire line marking kit fits inside of the ultra-durable handheld bag. Manufactured from easy clean PVC this holdall is completed with an extra-strong hook and loop fastening system to guarantee your line marking equipment will not fall out on your way to the turf. 


Setting Out Kit Bag Components

  • 1 x 400m (1300ft) steel coated nylon wire
  • 10 x steel marking pegs
  • 4 x PVC right angles
  • 1 x handheld storage bag


  • Hand winder retrieves the nylon wire
  • Steel pegs have “D” shaped handles for easy extraction
  • Suitable for marking out various grass sports pitches
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