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METIS Fabric Resistance Bands

Isolate muscles & intensify your workouts using this booty bands set. A perfect option for home & gym workouts to target the whole body including your glutes, inner thighs & upper body. Set of 3 short resistance bands featuring light, medium & heavy strengths.

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Set Of 3 Fabric Resistance Bands – Perfect For Home & Gym Workouts

METIS Fabric Resistance Bands Specifications

What You Get:

  • 1x Green Band – Light resistance (8 - 12kg | 17.5 - 26.5lbs)
  • 1x Pink Band – Medium resistance (12 - 16kg | 26.5 - 35lbs)
  • 1x Purple Band – Heavy resistance (16 - 20kg | 35 - 44lbs)

Please Note – Resistance levels in kilograms are only a rough estimation as actual resistance will vary based on factors such as temperature, usage of product, & direction of force.


  • Green: 33cm L x 8cm W | 13in L x 3in W
  • Pink: 33cm L x 8cm W | 13in L x 3in W
  • Purple: 43cm L x 8cm W | 17in L x 3in W


  • Made using polyester cotton material reinforced with natural rubber


  • Lightweight & ultra-portable design
  • Bold colours featuring a premium logo
  • Perfect addition for gym & home workouts
  • Aids flexibility & can help prevent injuries
METIS Fabric Booty Bands – Increase The Intensity Of Your Workouts

Target, isolate & intensify your workouts using these high-quality booty resistance bands. These are a great gym accessory to increase tension on your muscles while performing various upper & lower body exercises. The soft polyester cotton material is reinforced with natural rubber to improve stretch & for user comfort. Complete with a lightweight design, these short resistance bands are easily transported to & from the gym. The METIS Fabric Resistance Bands are available in a pack of 3 & offer different strengths: Light, Medium & Heavy. Different strengths have a different level of stretch meaning you will feel more tension & resistance. Featuring a non-slip inner grips which ensures the bands will not roll up, fall, or require adjustment throughout exercises. Ideal to use while performing glute bridges, donkey kicks, goblet squats & more.

  • METIS Fabric Resistance Bands – Excellent accessory to intensify gym & home workouts
  • A perfect option to isolate areas of the body including your inner legs, glutes & more
  • Non-slip cotton & rubber blend can cope with long-term use without losing stretch
  • Lightweight design ensures the bands can easily be transported to & from the gym
  • Booty band set includes a light, medium & heavy resistance band to target the full body

PLEASE NOTE: Always seek professional advice on technique & resistance levels before using our resistance bands.

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