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FORZA 3-Star Smooth/Dimple Training Hockey Balls

The 3-star hockey training balls are an excellent option for clubs & home practice. Tested thoroughly by Hockey Wales, the pro hockey balls feature a smooth or dimpled surface to suit all training grounds. Available in white or Fluro pink for training in low lights. Packs of 1 or 6 available.

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FORZA Training Hockey Balls - Designed For Rigorous Practice Sessions

FORZA Smooth/Dimple Training Balls Specifications

Available Options:

  • Surface: Smooth or Dimpled
  • Pack Sizes: Single or 6x pack
  • Colours: Traditional white or Fluro pink (night-time training)


  • Ball Diameter: 73mm | 2.8in
  • Weight: 110g | 3.9 oz.


  • Grade 1 PVC
  • Hollow construction 
  • Smooth or dimpled exterior


  • Top grade training balls perfect for all players
  • Fluro pink balls are ideal for night-time training
  • Available singularly or in packs of 6
FORZA 3-Star Hockey Training Balls – Excellent for Home & Club Training Sessions

Tried & tested by the elite Hockey Wales Team, these high-quality training hockey balls feature a 3-star construction. Excellent for club & school practice sessions, these balls are available with a smooth or dimpled exterior. The smooth balls are ideal for indoor use & sandy surfaces whereas the dimpled balls are perfect for water based pitches. Two colour options: Bright white or Fluro pink which is ideal for night-time training sessions.

  • FORZA Practice Hockey Balls – Excellent for hockey clubs, home use & schools
  • Dimpled training balls are ideal for use on turf & wet surfaces
  • Smooth training balls are designed for indoor use & hard surfaces
  • Lighter & hollow design yet still the standard size to replicate game conditions
  • Traditional white or Fluro pink balls available – Ideal for night-time training

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