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AquaTec Dual-Action Hand Pump

AquaTec Dual-Action Hand Pump

  • AquaTec Dual-Action Hand Pump | Net World Sports
  • AquaTec Dual-Action Hand Pump | Net World Sports
SUP Pump for inflating and deflating your AquaTec water sports items. Double-action pump features an attached pressure gauge for accurate measurements. With a robust and sturdy structure, the hand pump has a max. pressure of 22 PSI. Produces airflow on the up & downstroke.

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Suitable for AquaTec SUP boards and kayaks, the new SUP pump adaptor and connector design enables optimal airtightness. Pressure gauge can be found attached to the top of the SUP air pump, providing accurate readings during use. Maximum pressure provided by the stand up paddle board pump is 2.0 bar (22 PSI). When the red toggle is inserted to the pump up paddle board, it provides dual action, high capacity inflation. When the red toggle is removed, the best paddle board pump provides single action, which allows your paddleboard to be pumped to greater PSI with ease. The inflatable SUP air pump has a robust structure and is durable and lightweight.

  • AquaTec Dual-Action Hand Pump – Best SUP pump for efficient inflation and deflation
  • Manufactured with an ergonomic grip, aluminium shaft and a foot plate for added stability
  • Reliable SUP pump for your water sports equipment, including paddleboards
  • Durable, lightweight and reliable, the paddleboard pump has a maximum pressure of 22 PSI
  • The water sports pump produces airflow on the upstroke and downstroke for optimum efficiency

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AquaTec Dual-Action Hand Pump Specifications


  • Size: 11cm D x 25cm W x 63cm H | 4.3in D x 10in W x 25in H
  • Inflatable SUP Pump Hose Length: 1.25m | 49in
  • Capacity: 2x 1800cc | 2x 1.8L
  • Maximum Pressure: 2.0 bar | 22 PSI


  • Ergonomic grip and aluminium shaft
  • Sturdy grip and foot plate for stability


  • Pressure gauge attached to the top of the pump for accurate measurements during use
  • Suitable for AquaTec SUP boards and kayaks